• Value where

    it counts.

    Our premier midscale without food and beverage conversion brand.

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  • Value where

    it counts.

    Our premier midscale without food and beverage conversion brand.

    Explore Quality >>
  • Value where

    it counts.

    Our premier midscale without food and beverage conversion brand.

    Explore Quality >>
  • Value where

    it counts.

    Our premier midscale without food and beverage conversion brand.

    Explore Quality >>

Quality – Get Your Money’s Worth

By becoming a Quality® owner your hotel franchise instantly gains vast exposure as being one of the most recognized brands in the lodging industry. Quality is Choice Hotels® largest conversion brand, and provides hotel franchise owners a great opportunity for an existing asset looking to strengthen its market position and to drive a return on investment. Your hotel franchise will be strengthened during conversion using our streamlined, value-oriented programs, designed to provide great value and satisfaction to guests. Our programs demonstrate we are committed to our franchisees by growing our presence and reputation in everything we do.

In 2016, Quality brand hotels received an average of 70.2% of gross room revenue through the Choice Hotels Central Reservations System (CRS) and other Choice Hotels marketing channels.*

Conversion Flexibility

Each opportunity starts with a customized approach, assessing your property and market conditions, and then tailoring improvement plans designed to increase the value of your asset over the long term. Since Quality hotels embrace product diversity, through brand hallmarks, we provide a cost effective way to provide brand consistency and to market the strong value proposition of Quality. Our brand is centered on the “Value Qs”, which focus on consistency in these key drivers of guest purchase and satisfaction and allows for more flexibility in physical plant and design/decor. Offering multiple brand extensions, the Quality family of brands is a cost effective conversion opportunity for hotel franchise owners looking for a return on investment.


We deliver where it counts through our brand hallmarks, the five “Value Qs.” These five areas are what consumers care most about and include our Q Bed, Q Breakfast, Q Shower, Q Service, and Q Value. The reason Quality is such a strong brand is because we are known for giving our guests great value for their hard-earned money.

  • Q Bed – Premium mattress and bedding, with traditional or triple sheeting options
  • Q Breakfast – Free breakfast offering hot, fresh and healthy menu options
  • Q Shower – Consumer and operations-tested with curved shower rod, multi-setting shower head and upgraded amenities
  • Q Service – Professional, responsive and friendly staff
  • Q Value – Free amenities, including high-speed Internet, coffee and tea in the lobby, and local calls (U.S. locations); pool or fitness center

Designed with Developers in Mind

We worked closely with developers during the design process. The result? A flexible and efficient prototype with a cohesive look and feel throughout. Every aspect was thoughtfully considered in our goal to blend sophistication and value.


Hotels Open as of December 31, 2016

  • Total Hotels: 1,795
  • In the U.S.: 1,447
  • International: 348
  • Total Rooms: 151,708
  • Rooms in the U.S.: 114,582
  • Rooms International: 37,126

Hotels Under Development as of December 31, 2016

  • Total Hotels: 71
  • In the U.S.: 59
  • International: 12
  • Total Rooms: 5,712
  • Rooms in the U.S.: 4,619
  • Rooms International: 1,093

*Source: See Quality Franchise Disclosure Document dated April 1, 2017. For the 476 hotels that were included in the sample, 259 hotels or 54.4% met or exceeded the Total Choice Contribution presented. The results for your hotel may differ substantially from the average stated above.

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