An an independent hotelier, our needs are simple but complex; we seek a partner who will provide tools, information and assistance, but who will allow us to keep our individuality. Ascend and Choice goes a long way in reaching that goal with a PMS system that, in my opinion, leads the industry. Choice Advantage is built for those on the front line, allowing hoteliers to manage and make real-time decisions with the latest information quickly and easily…Though they will be the first to tell you that they are not perfect, there is an attitude of change within the Ascend organization that is refreshing and bodes well for the future.
The Distrikt
Jennifer Rota
General Manager

Ascend Hotel Collection means a professional, experienced creative support staff that works together to make our property the best and to market our property in an accurate, productive, profitable way…there is the human element of caring for us as individuals at our property, a personal interest in us, as well as our business, the same caring that all of our great hoteliers have for their guests.”
Norfolk Lodge and Suites
Donna Herrick
Owner – Past Inn of the Year Winner
Norfolk, NE

Ascend Hotel Collection has been an exceptional partner to our independent hotel. They allow us to keep our local identity but take advantage of the power of Choice! We are so thrilled with the results we have gotten year over year with this membership.
Golden Hotel
Andria Lewis
Golden, CO


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